Wednesday, July 27, 2016

So close I can taste it...

Am almost finished with the first book.  Have about 2 chapters to go and then the first draft will be done. It will weigh in at ~80K words.  Then I will start to work on Book 2 while book 1 is getting initial edits. At some point I'll revise book 1 and fix consitency errors, plot holes, and probably trim it down some. Once I get the 2nd draft done... well who knows I may have to find some beta readers. Until then remember; You Cannot Tame the Wind, You Cannot Stop the Rain, and You Cannot Let Evil Run Wild.

Friday, July 1, 2016

It has been a while.  The book so far is going well.  I am right about at the halfway point for the first book. There has been delays not so much due to the book but more due to life getting in the way. Since I had chosen a semi aggressive writing schedule it still means I am writing a fair amount. It also means that the days where I do not hit my 1150 word target it is obvious that I am falling behind.

I recognize the deadline is an artificial limit I made on myself, however I want to try and keep to that deadline. Many have said that it takes 10 books before you write something good and I am trying to get better as quickly as possible. In the end I am confident I will have the first book of Cannot Tame the Wind done by Aug 15th. Then the next step is have someone edit it. After that I review the draft and work on tightening the story and making a decent 2nd draft version. Then I will have to look for beta readers and see about feedback upon it.  In the end writing the first draft is probably more like 30% of the work.

So I am at 50% or so done with the writing, which means I am only 15% completed for the whole thing.  While I cannot tame the wind I wish I could at least write like it.