Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Beginnings and a sneak peak.

While I am editing the other book and waiting for initial edits onYou Cannot Tame the Wind, I have not been doing much but brainstorming of things to have happen in the second book.  I want to condense the 2nd and third book plots to one book and just leave the series with 2 books and maybe a third at some future time.  I have an overall plot for three books but the third isn't that fleshed out and I wonder if it would just fit within the 2nd book just fine. Ultimately most of you wont ever really know as you will not be able to read the skeleton that I have now.  Perhaps I'll write the second book as the second and third together and if it runs long I can find a nice place to split it.  

For anyone who comes across this little page and wonders what it is about, let me introduce you to Eletheria with the first part of Chapter 1.  Do not this is from my first rough draft of the novel and will go through some revisions.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Non-CTtW, Project : META

My first novel that I wrote I am currently revising it.  Hopfully making it the best story it could be.  The working title is My Extraordinary Transdimensional Adventure or META.  It is a portal story that I wrote to have some fun with the genre and work out some ideas about another book series that is mulling in the back of my mind.  In the off chance someone actually reads this blog, here is the prologue of my silly book META.

     I begin with a simple statement: I am not from around here. I am an alien of sorts. I could expand upon that further and say I am not from anywhere remotely near what you think or consider local to yourself. While I do not completely understand it, my travels have shown me it is possible to cross over from one plane to another. I have traveled from another dimension, not something like the 5th dimension or a 2d dimension. Here is where my limited knowledge of physics, string theory, and a bunch of other buzzwords people would insert to show they have a doctorate in science. This is not a paper regarding the traveling through multiple dimensions or traveling across various planes or the theory. This is a layman’s adventure explained to the best of my abilities and hopefully well enough that someone without high level math can understand it. Imagine for a moment the universe that we all see is nothing more than a single sheet of paper. Everything in the known universe is on that one sheet. Then that single piece of paper sits inside a massive book that contains an infinite number of pages. Then that book is inside a bookshelf that contains an infinite number of those infinite books. That shelf sits inside a library which also contains an incalculable number of those shelves. That library is all of existence. Each page of the infinite book is slightly different than the page before and the page after. It is little things but as you turn the pages it adds up until you are at a universe that is almost completely different from the one you started with. A friend of mine described the place I am from as plane 42. I prefer to think of it as page 42 within that book. 

     Like many who are into the fantasy genre, I have read Alfonso Whittney’s Shattered Power’s books. The series swept the world by storm both in their unparalleled depth and quickness of release. After the first two came out within the span of a year there was even talk of movies, TV series, and even starting a convention based upon the Shattered Power’s world. Rumors about what deals were signed continued to feed the frenzy. It was the release of the third book that was the turning point. It was then the rumors outpaced the actual news and it became impossible to sort out what was true and what was false. Shortly after the third book was released, there was no further information released. This lack of new information was due in part to an already reclusive author and a publisher using the mystery to further sell books. When confronted directly, the publisher said they had a very specific contract and they tried to exceed their terms in order to generate more sales for both themselves and the author but those attempts fell upon deaf ears. With Mr. Whittney no longer giving interviews or even responding to general queries the fans tried to move forward. With the 10th anniversary of the first book’s release coming up, I went out to find answers to this enigma. Why was there never a follow through on the movie or TV deals? Why was there never a follow-up series or a novella to carry on some favorite characters? Why did he stop giving interviews and for all intents and purposes disappear off the face of the world? 

   I started this quest of sorts a few months ago. It had taken me a little over 5 months for an answer. It was not an easy answer either, though I expect people will want a simple answer. For those seeking the easy answer, it is thus; ‘Alfonso feels the greatest story is the life well lived. He shared several such lives with all the fans and wishes to pursue his own story. His act of stepping out of the spotlight is to ensure the stories he told are not tainted by anything else he does and does not wish there to be a retelling that would take liberties on it.’ If that answer is acceptable to you then close this book now and return it to the shelf. 

Thank you for your time. - Roberto M Bacca

 It was fun to write, hopefully it is fun to read.  When I finish revision I'll make a note here if anyone is curious about it.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Waiting on editing for the first draft, then I will write the 2nd book.  I wanted to make some changes in the first one to help the 2nd book a little.  Also I am considering condensing the story from a trilogy to just 2 books.  Depends on how book 2 goes and if the story I have prepared for it is the right fit for one book.  I realized I forgot to do a wrapup regarding writing the book.

1. It weighs in at 81K words. I would post a project screenshot but I do not have one from when I finished writing it.
2. Aprox 33 chapters
3. Working title as you probably guessed from the blog is "You cannot tame the wind" the second book's working title is "You cannot stop the rain".  These may change.
4. I am actually revising my first book project and hopefully will have it for download somewhere, its not steampunk, just a cheesy portal genre story I wrote for fun.

Waiting on editing for the first draft, then I will write the 2nd book.  I wanted to make some changes in the first one to help the 2nd book a little.  Also I am considering condensing the story from a trilogy to just 2 books.  Depends on how book 2 goes and if the story I have prepared for it is the right fit for one book.