Friday, August 26, 2016

Waiting on editing for the first draft, then I will write the 2nd book.  I wanted to make some changes in the first one to help the 2nd book a little.  Also I am considering condensing the story from a trilogy to just 2 books.  Depends on how book 2 goes and if the story I have prepared for it is the right fit for one book.  I realized I forgot to do a wrapup regarding writing the book.

1. It weighs in at 81K words. I would post a project screenshot but I do not have one from when I finished writing it.
2. Aprox 33 chapters
3. Working title as you probably guessed from the blog is "You cannot tame the wind" the second book's working title is "You cannot stop the rain".  These may change.
4. I am actually revising my first book project and hopefully will have it for download somewhere, its not steampunk, just a cheesy portal genre story I wrote for fun.

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