Saturday, September 17, 2016


Milestones in writing vary depending upon how far out you set them.  Set them too close and they become irrelevant.  Set them too far apart and you never see them. When doing the actual writing you can set a word count and the major milestones like 25K, 50K, 75K and such are easy to see and hit with them and effort.  When editing or revising the book it becomes much more difficult.  You could set one for revising 2 chapters a day or more and it helps but still lacks the triumphant feeling.  At least for me, so I set my milestone to be completing the first revision and edit of the book.

Today I finished that and have a book with hopefully much better spelling, grammer, and structure.  While reviewing the suggested edits and making a few of my own I got to reintroduce myself to the story.  The next step is to get some people to read it and see what feedback they can give upon it.  While I await volunteers and their feedback I will start working on book 2 which the working title is "Cannot Stop the Rain."  If you want a copy to peruse let me know and I can send out a copy.

Until then, keep flying.

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