Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Non-CTtW, META project

Recently I finished the editing and revision of my first book project META (My Extraordinary Transdimensional Adventure).  I do not have a huge beta reader list that I could share the book with to get feedback so I figured I would crowdsource it.  I posted the book to Amazon Kindle with the hopes that someone would snag it through the Free Book program on the Kindle for Prime members. Hopefully they will read it and post what they thought didn't work.  

Why would I post a book to get bad reviews?  Because even bad reviews will help me figure out what I am doing wrong.  Nerdy people get to complain about something and I get feedback, I figure it is win win.  If you are seeking a quick read and want to critic my writing feel free to snag my book META, either for free as part of the Prime thing or it is 99cents.

I'm going to keep on writing, hopefully improving with each project. I hope you all keep on reading.

Thank you,

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