Monday, July 24, 2017

Looking towards the future.

It is funny how my mind works. I'll be sitting at work doing work stuff and the back of my mind will be working on some plot detail. I have an outline for the 2nd book to Cannot Tame the Wind, currently and tentatively named, "Cannot Stop the Rain." The first two chapters are written but as my revisions have shown me that doesn't mean set in stone.

Today the back of my mind was mulling over the idea of doing a prequel book. Writing a story about the G'Aeris over throwing and escaping slavery would be cool.  It would also give more backstory and history behind the Zephyr family. Little details that I did not consider nor imagine start appearing in my mind. Like the idea that the noble families of the G'Aeris choose their family name when freed rather than using the name of their former master. Almost everyone except Ventus Praestes who choose to take the name after she killed everyone of that family. The line, "They took everything from me, so I'll take everything from them" comes to mind. 

The best villains are those who are not really just villains. They are hero's, they see themselves as hero's, and those who oppose them are their villains. What one views as monstrous or horrific, someone else will view as necessity for protecting their people.  

The worst monsters in history are not those who kill or do evil for the sake of evil. It is those who do it for what they view as 'the good of humanity'. 

Currently I'm working on another story and then will see about getting the 2nd book of the Windmistress Chronicles out. Until then, keep reading.


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